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22 September 2014, Monday
Featured ProductAvantgarde Acoustic - Zero 1 Speakers

Bestowed the Golden Ear Award 2014 - the absolute sound.

Avantgarde Zero 1 Active Pro Horn Loudspeakers does the seemingly impossible; preserves almost all of the virtues of a horn-loaded loudspeaker while eliminating almost all of its vices. Digitally corrected for accurate phase, amplitude, and impulse response.

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Acoustic Zero 1 Pro Loudspeaker Avantgarde Acoutics TAS
Romulus CD Player/DAC [pdf] Aesthetix TAS
Phoenix S Phono Cartridge Transfiguration Sound Stage
Durand Tonearms – Talea Durand Tone Audio
ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeakers Audience Audio Positive Feedback
Reed 3P Tonearm Reed Positive Feedback
Tri-Planar Ultimate 12" Tonearm Triplanar Audiophilia
Axia MC Cartridge Transfiguration Postive Feedback
Aesthetix Saturn Romulus DAC/CD player Aesthetix Stereophile
Aesthetix Io Eclipse Aesthetix What HiFi

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Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2014 Report
31 August 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...We visited the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2014, it was held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre between 8 August and 10 August. This premium event is organized by Audiotechnique of Hong Kong.

This report brings you over 100 photographs, featuring products from Audio Note UK, Avantgarde Acoustic, Constellation Audio, HRS, Solid Tech, ReQuest - The Beast, Triode Corp, Ortofon.

We also have many analogue and miscellaneous audio component photographs. Enjoy ... [ » more ]
ReQuest Audio 1 Media Server
30 August 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...Request Audio, the manufacturer of the state-of-the-art The Beast media server, has introduced the Audio 1, a compact and much more affordable model with many of the features and technology trickled down from their top model.

The Audio 1 media server is impressively milled out of a solid 1 piece aluminum chassis and has a 1TB built-in HDD, plus capability of connecting to an external NAS. It is of course capable of decoding high resolution audio files up to 24/192 resolution.

Audiophile Performance
  • Audiophile 24/192 HD resolution
  • Fan-less ... [ » more ]
Raven Black Night and Avantgarde Zero 1 win Golden Ear 2014 awards
21 August 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...TW Acustic Black Night Record Player

The Black Night is celebrated German turntable-designer Thomas Woschnick's statement product, and it is superior in every sonic regard to the gorgeous-sounding Raven AC-3 I reviewed several years ago. Where the Raven AC was the master of steady-state tone and decay - sounding spectacularly gorgeous on just about any LP - the Black Night adds speed of attack, toe-tapping pace, even higher resolution, and simply awesome bass definition and impact to the package, making for a presentation that is still staggeringly beautiful ... [ » more ]
Audience 1+1 speaker wins The Absolute Sound Golden Ear 2014 Award
18 August 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...It is our pleasure to share with you this new award for the Audience 1+1 Personal Reference Monitors.

The Audience ClairAudient 1+1 ranks as my current favorite desktop near field loudspeaker. When fed a high quality source, the ClairAudient 1+1 completely disappears while creating a nuanced three-dimensional soundstage.

Efficient enough to be driven by a moderately powered amplifier, the 1+1s are dynamically agile, and have good bass extension for their size.

If you think that miniature speakers in desktop setup only create a miniature soundstage, ... [ » more ]
Reviewer comments on STILLPOINTS’ Products
23 July 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...ROBERT HARLEY STILLPOINTS’ QUOTES

Reviewing the Ultra SS:
“I replaced the hefty stock Focal spikes with Stillpoints Ultras, sat back, and was shocked by what I heard. With the Stillpoints, the soundstage opened up with greater width, depth, and bloom around images. The sound became even more detached from the loudspeakers, with a greater solidity of images between and around the Focals …
… The bass improved to a similar degree. The bottom end became tauter, better defined, and cleaner. The Stillpoints made the midbass a bit leaner, but more articulate. The ... [ » more ]
Official Presentation of The Beast
17 July 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...Gerhard Schneider, the CEO of Request Audio the Swiss parent company that makes the best media server in the market today will be in Singapore to give a presentation of the full capabilities of The Beast. The event will be held on Saturday, the 19th of July starting from 2.30 pm in our main showroom.

All are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you’ve any intention to buy a media server of this quality (and price!). It will be interesting to just hear what makes this unique product stand out from the rest and why The Beast is being acclaimed by the audio press ... [ » more ]
Ortofon SPU 95th Anniversary- Coming Soon!
9 July 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...Ortofon’s limited production SPU A95 cartridge, a state of the art product released to celebrate their 95 years of masterful analogue research and technology, will be finally arriving on our shores very soon!

Boasting a host of unique and innovative features, the SPU A95 represents the pinnacle of Ortofon’s SPU cartridge technology.

The SPU A95 is built with the magnetic system applied in the predecessor SPU 90th Anniversary. This cartridge retains all of the characteristics that put its brethren in a class of their own, while at the same time expounding ... [ » more ]
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Product Features
TW ACUSTIC - new product images
We have updated some of the TW ACUSTIC product pages with new and high quality photographs. The turntables pages are Raven Black Night, Raven AC, Raven One, Raven GT.

We have also included a new product page for Raven 10.5 tone arm.
AESTHETIX - new product range
As the appointed distributor for AESTHETIX brand of fine audio products, we would like to introduce Rhea and IO (Tube Phono Stage), Atlas (Power Amplifier, Saturn Series). More products will be featured, watch this space.
Harmonic Resolution Systems Isolation Bases
The Harmonic Resolution Systems isolation bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structural borne noise in any audio or video component. The isolation bases (M3X, S1, R1) are designed to be used in a wide range of environments and provide excellent performance and maintenance free operation. All our isolation bases can be used directly on the floor, in an existing audio stand, on standard furniture, or in one of Harmonic Resolutions Systems high performance frame systems.
REED Tone arms (2A, 2P, 3Q)
We are proud to introduce three models of our Reed tonearm: Reed 3Q, Reed 2P and Reed 2A. Reed 3Q - the newest and most technically advanced tonearm model. Integrated laser helps to adjust VTA (precision +/- 0.1 mm) and azimuth (precision +/- 0.25 deg) very quickly and precisely. Reed 2P model is dedicated for audiophiles who do not trust to various setup rules and prefer to adjust their system based on their senses. Reed 2A is for customers, who have fixed audio setup and just want to listen for the perfect sound.
Miyajima Monaural Phono Cartridges
The Miyajima Laboratory monaural cartridges use their patented "vertical axis concentration method" to faithfully reproduce the musical information in the record grooves and thus achieve the distinctive quality of sound that Miyajima Laboratory is now famous for. In fact, Miyajima makes the bold claim that a mono LP has potential for better sound quality than a stereo LP!
Ortofon TA-110 Tone Arm
The TA-110 is given a precision machined slit in the middle of the aluminium tube. A piece of Ortofon's special vibration damping rubber is inserted into the slit. An armtube without slit and rubber damper is symmetrical in a vertical and lateral plane with respect to vibrations. The slit breaks this symmetry, and mounting the rubber insert gives the desired damping.
Miyajima Kansui Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
The lastest top model from Miyajima is another truly ground-breaking cartridge, then we believe Miyajima has more than achieved their aim and created another winner! Due to certain changes in the new design, the compliance of the cantilever is higher than the Shilabe and consequently the recommended tracking force is now lighter at 2.25g. More details here.
Leben RS-100 Line Pre-amplifier
Mr Taku Hyodo of Leben Hifi has created another new masterpiece. The new Leben RS-100 pre-amplifier, it is now in store now. The line-stage pre-amplifier has tube rectification and uses point to point wiring which is detailed and done with great. The line Amplifier Circuit consists of special selected Dual-Triode Tube 6CG7 (General Electric/USA) by SRPP system to improve high-frequency range of the sound, and can supply a strong signal of 52V to the power amplifier.
Introducing a new range of products from fo.Q
fo.Q’ is a material developed with the support of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). Vibrational energy is converted to electric energy, and finally to heat energy, enabling efficient absorption. There are no rubber or heavy metal overtones, and efficient attenuation of the finest vibrations, considered difficult to remove up to now, promise you the purest and clearest tones. The material can be applied on different products.

Products include: disk stabilizer (DS-25), audio boards (AB-4045, SB-2025), insulators (G-53F, G-51), tuning materials (SH-22, SH-21, TA-102, TA-52, PA-01), accessories for analog player (RS-5D, RS-912, RS-55)
Helius Designs - Tone Arms
We would like to introduce a new range of high quality tone arms from Helius Designs. They are namely, Omega Standard, Omega Silver-Ruby and Aurora.
Triode TRV-A88SE KT88 single ended integrated amplifier
We have just been appointed distributor for the Triode brand of tube amplifiers from Japan. The product range of Triode covers integrated amplifiers, mono blocks, power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and CD players. The list of products are as follows: TRV-A88SE, TRV-A300SE, TRV-35SE, TRV-M300SE, TRV-M88SE, TRV-88SE, TRV-M88PP, TRV-48HD, TRV-4SE, TRV-CD4SE.
Shilabe & Waza Cartrigdes
Introducing a new range of stereo cartridges from Miyajima Labs - Shilabe & Waza.

These stereo phono cartridges use a revolutionary new design, which utilises the cross ring method. This method reduces the major fault of a normal cartridge.

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Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note UK on Enjoy the Music.TV

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What our customers said ...
Their Digital Stylus Force Gauge is remarkably accurate and easy to use. From the time I placed my order, shipping from Singapore to New York (USA) took about 10 days. A bargain! Thanks

- Tempoelectric [ more ... ]
pre-owned items
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Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

Transfiguration Orpheus MC Cartridge-price reduced
Shindo Lafon GM70 Monoblocks - price reduced!
  Shunyata Ztron Python Powercord - 1.8m
  Audience Au24e Speaker Cable - 3m
  Audio Note CDT Two/II CD Player
  Thorens TD124 MKII Turntable
  Musical Fidelity AMS CD Player
  Siltech Signature Avondale II Phono Cable - 0.75m
  Blacknote DAC 30 Converter
  Audio Note Kegon Monoblocks Amplifier
  Audio Note M3 Line Preamplifier
  Transparent MusicWave Super Bi-wire speaker cables
  Nottingham Spackdeck Turntable
  Shunyata Ztron Anaconda Interconnect - 1m
  Nordost Heimdall XLR Interconnect - 4.5m
  Zanden 2000P CD Transport And 5000 Signature DAC
  Acrolink 7N-PC7300 Powercord - 1.5m
  Tri-Planar MK. VII U2 Tonearm
  Brinkmann LaGrange TT with Brinkmann 10.5" tonearm
  Musical Laboratory Maedeup Mono Amplifier
  Airtight ATC-3 Stereo Control Amplifier
  Kondo KSL-LPz XLR Interconnect - 1m
  Aesthetix Rhea Phono Preamplifier
  Stealth Dream Digital Powercord - 2m
  Klipsch RF-7 II Floorstanding Speakers
  Acoustic Signature Final Tool MKII Turntable
  Ortofon 7NX-AIC-X1 RCA Interconnect - 1m
  Manley Lab MAHi Monoblock Amplifier
  Dr Feickert The Twin Turntable
  AMR AM-777 Amplifier
  Lector Audio Digitube S-192
  Aerial Acoustics Model SR3 Surround Speakers
  Allnic Verito 'Z' MC Phono Cartridge
  Helius Omega Silver-Ruby Tonearm - 10 inches
  Totem Acoustic Forest Speaker
Duevel Bella Luna Diamante Speaker
Ocellia Silver Reference Cable - 1.5m
Neodio NR22 Transport + DAC
Neodio NR22 CD Player
Meridian DSP8000 Speakers And 808 V5 CD Player
Tron Black Label Syren Preamplifier
Tron Telstar Ultimate Power Amplifier
German Physiks The Subwoofer And Centre Speaker
German Physiks The Carbon Speaker-further reduced
Bel Canto Evo 200.2 power amp - price reduced
Genesis 1.1 Speakers System
Benz Micro Ebony Wood LP MC Cartridge
Rega P5 Turntable with Rega TTPSU
Audio Research 40th Anniversary Edition Ref Preamp
ViV Lab Rigid Float/Ha Tonearm - 7 inches
Solid Tech Rack of Silence - 4 tiers
Avantgarde Uno Horn Speakers
Rega P9 Turntable with tonearm
Mytek Stereo 192DSD-DAC

Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

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pre-owned items
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Totem Tribe II Wall Speaker - price reduced!
  Audience Powercord 'e' - 7 ft
  Harmonix X-DC2 Powercord - 1.5m
  Oyaide STB-HW Vinyl Stabilizer
  Shunyata Black Mamba HC/CX 20Amp Powercord - 1.8m
  Solid Tech Radius Solo 3 Rack
  Shunyata Copperhead C15 Powercord - 1.8m
  Magnepan Model CC3 Centre Speaker
  Harmonic Cyber Wave Interconnect with Power Pack
  Supra Sword-ISL Interconnect - 1.5m
  Thoren TD295 MK4 Turntable with Arm and Cartridge
  Musical Fidelity V-Link192 USB-S/PDIF Converter
  Dynavector DV10X5 MC Phono Cartridge
  Musical Fidelity A3 24 192K Unsampling DAC
  Silver Sonic Q10 Speaker Cables - 4.5m
  Kondo KSL-Vc II Interconnect - 1.5m
  Audience Maestro Speaker Cable - 2.5m
  ACQ Board - 60 x 120 x 3cm
  TW Acustics Armboard for SME
  Cardas Golden Reference Phono Cable - 1.25m
  Shunyata Viper CX C15 Powercord
  Kinergistics Research KBA-75 Class A Power Amp
  DS-25 Remaster-Ring
  Totem TAW 8 In-Wall/Ceiling Speaker - Single Unit
  Totem TAW 6.5 In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers
  Advanced Acoustics Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel
  Advance Acoustic Corner Sound Trap Panel
PS Audio PerfectWave AC10 Powercord - 3m
Acrolink 6N-P4030 Power cable - 2m
Harmonix X-DC Studio Master 350 Powercord - 1.5m
Lehmann Black Cube SE Phono Stage
Kondo KSL-ACc Powercord - 2m
Acoustic Revive AC Power Stabilizer
Nordost Red Dawn RCA Interconnect - 1m
Grado Prestige Series Model: RS2i Headphone
JPS Lab Power AC+ Powercord - 2m

Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

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